VATS Assistive Technology Demonstration and Loan Program


VATS has an extensive library in Fairfax, Virginia. This library is open to any Virginian with a disability, their family members, and any service provider who works with individuals with disabilities. This library is a free resource. Anyone can make an appointment to visit the library to have a hands-on demonstration of a specific device or software. If you are unable to travel to the library, an assistive technology specialist can make arrangements to meet you at a more central location.


Most equipment in the library can be loaned. Items can be loaned out for 1-4 weeks based on need and availability. It is sometimes recommended that an individual have a short demonstration or training of an assistive technology device and this can be scheduled at the same time as the loan.

We are currently in the process of updating our online interactive library. Please refer to the list below for examples of items available. There are many more items available through the library that are not currently listed. Please contact Emily McKeough,, Assistive Technology Access Coordinator,for specific items and to schedule a demonstration and/or loan.

Self Care/Daily LivingLearning DisabilitySensory (Vision and Hearing)
Reacher CPen Reader Sonic Bomb alarm clock
Long shoe horn Reading Pen Comfort Contego
Sock Donners Live Scribe Pen Comfort Duet
Kitchen/Eating Utensils Literacy Software Various Magnifiers
RecreationComputer AccessHome Modification
Long handled gardening tools Roller Ball Mouse Echo and Echo Dot
Bowling Balls High color Contrast Keyboard Hue Lights
Large Print Cards Ergonomic Keyboards and Mice Harmony Hub
Roller Mouse Red Plug ins
Hand Held Technology
Various apps for stress, time management, and Communication
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